A Brief History Of Australian Beer And The Pubs We Drink The In

Ever wondered why Sydney-siders drink Tooheys New, Melbourne folk enjoy VB and our friends in Brisbane love a cold XXXX in their local pubs. We have. So, in order to find out, we did a bit of research and found that Australia has a unique history when it comes to beer and pubs and that the main reason for these localised drinking tastes is something that on the surface would seem unrelated..

Without going into too much detail, before 1901, Australia was a bunch of separate colonies as opposed to a country. As such, each colony had their own laws and governed themselves independently and because of this, it wasn’t till the 1880’s (which is quite late in historical terms) that Australia had a national rail network.

So WTF does this have to do with beer and pubs? Well because of this, it was simply too expensive for local breweries to export beer to the different colonies so each city was stuck with what was produced by their local breweries (see below)

New South Wales: Tooheys, Reschs, Hahn, James Squire and KB Lager
Victoria: Carlton Draught, Victoria Bitter and Melbourne Bitter
Queensland: XXXX and Powers
South Australia: West End, Southwark and Coopers
Tasmania: Boags in the north, Cascade in the south
Western Australia: Swan and Emu
So basically, 130 years later these tastes have largely remained the same (who said Australia doesn’t have history), in part due to the Australia and the high esteem it holds drinking culture in. VB is the number 1 beer in Melbourne pubs; XXXX still remains the number 1 beer in Brisbane pubs, Tooheys the number 1 in Sydney pubs.

Next time you’re watching TV and can’t help but grind your teeth when listening to a weedlike politicians spout

The Mysterious Irish Pub

You will want to find a company that has been around for many years and has successfully recreated this type of Irish bar for others. There is a certain charm and mystique about the Irish theme bar. The pub holds an extremely special and unique place in the history and the culture of the Irish people. This is not something they take lightly. The Irish are known for being able to somehow recreate the best pubs in the world. There are the Irish pub pint glasses that are continually half way full, and the night is continually young in the pub.

The beer flows freely as the troubles melt away at the Irish theme bars as in times past. The Irish at the pub seem to know how to have the most perfect nights out and the celebrations where every night seems to be a weekend to celebrate.

It is not surprising that the Irish theme bars seem to pop up all over the world. After all, there are Irish all over the globe, and they know how to celebrate! There seems to be an Irish pub found almost anywhere you go.

The pub seems to have a certain draw about it that beckons you to come in and sit a while. Socialize with the locals and visitors as you figure out the world together.

The word pub came from the name Public Houses which were places of the past where individuals could enter without a membership. In days past, the more well to do people, or upper class, visited public houses which a membership was required for entrance to. The working class needed a place of their own to frequent, which was the Irish theme pubs.

In more recent and modern times, the Irish

How To Write The Perfect Pub Manager Cv

In writing a curriculum vitae, you should keep in mind that the person who will be reading it does not have any idea about you at all; except for the information that you provide in your CV. Another important thing to note of, is that first impressions last; such that it is very important to build up a good first impression. This does not mean though that you will bore the person to death with all your achievements and accomplishments. Are these not confusing? How could you make the perfect curriculum vitae without appearing like you are selling yourself too much?

There are specific styles of making a curriculum vitae, depending on the type of job or position that you are applying for. When applying for a pub manager position, there are important inclusions of your curriculum vitae that most employers look for. Although, there is a general and standard form of writing a decent and impressive CV, it still is a case to case basis.

Pub managers are well demanded in the metropolitan areas and in urbanized zones as well. Consequently, there are also a lot of applicants vying for these positions. With the number of applicants who might have the same qualifications as you have, or perhaps even lesser, how can you guarantee that you will get the job? The first step before anything else is preparing your curriculum vitae, and here are some helpful tips for you:

Make your CV Compact, yet Informative. Most employers do not have the time to scan through all the pages of CV’s and read all of the contents. It is therefore important to make a compact CV that contains all the necessary and pertinent information relating to yourself and your qualifications for the job. Your curriculum vitae must contain all the

Honey, I’m Going To The Pub To Play Golf

Learn these pub golf rules to start an exciting night.

A drinking game known as bar golf, or pub golf. Learning pub golf rules will equip you with a fun and simple game that you can enjoy with a group of friends that enjoys visiting pubs.

You can create your own pub golf rules to invent a pub golf game that suits your tastes since pub golf rules vary greatly. Pub golf is a great game to play over the course of a summer, or you can start the game during an occasion such as a birthday party or bachelor party.

Following are the basic pub golf rules to get you started on creating your own pub golf game.

A pub golf course ideally consists of eighteen different pubs to represent a full golf course. If you need to, you can make one pub or bar consist of a number of different holes.

Establish a par for each hole. The par value assigned to each hole or pub can range from one to five. For example, a pint of beer can count as a par four for one hole, while a single shot at another pub can count as a par one.

To complete a hole with a score of par, you must complete the drink in the number of sips or gulps that is designated as par. For example, if the pub is a par four and the drink is a pint of beer, you must complete the drink in four gulps in order to score par.

You can score under or over par by completing the drink in more or less gulps.

The goal is to have the lowest final score after eighteen holes by scoring as close to par as possible.

Drinks for each hole should

Traditional Scottish Whiskey – A Souvenir with History and Taste

Traditional Scots Whiskey is made in Scotland. This is a fantastic way to bring home a traditional souvenir and find enjoyment in it. This beverage has been made for hundreds of years. Even the Ancient Celts worked on distilling and it first started off as the uisge beatha which translates to “water of life”. This eventually evolved into what is now known as Scotch Whiskey.

There are quite a few of different types but we will cover single grain, vatted/blended malt, and blended. Traditional single grain whiskey is a rare and fantastic find. There are only seven known distilleries that make grain whiskey in the homeland. The vatted/blended malt whiskey is often times called pure malt. It is also less common. There are no grain whiskeys in this type of whiskey. There has been a change in how these whiskeys are labelled.

Blended whiskey is the most popular whiskey. In fact, it accounts for over ninety percent of the whiskey that is produced in Scotland. Blended whiskey had been created for those that thought the single grain to be way too harsh. There are many blends out there that are made for particular companies.

These different types of whiskeys are made different ways. Malt Whiskey is made with only one grain–which is barley—and distilled in pot stills. The barley must be malted by steeping it in water. They then have to allow for it to get to germination. Traditionally done the malting actually releases important enzymes that allow for the break down of starches turning them into sugar. After this is complete the barley is then dried. It is dried by using smoke and sometimes will even add peat to the fire for a more “earthy” flavouring.

Traditional whiskeys are great even just for people that aren’t drinking. The bottles