La Pub Tl De Hertz!

Colin Hay, le clbre chanteur australo-cossais, a commenc sa carrire dans le groupe australien Men at Work dans les annes 80. Lorsque le groupe a clat, il a continu en solo. Pendant quil faisait partie du groupe, il a connu de nombreux tubes dans les annes 80, et ses admirateurs lont suivi dans sa carrire solo, apprciant ses nouvelles chansons.

La chanson Waiting for my Real Life to begin de Colin Hay a t judicieusement utilise dans la pub tl de Hertz. Lintro est aussi utilise dans de nombreuses scnes mouvantes de Scrubs, une srie tl o le musicien a fait une brve apparition. Cette chanson a t crite par Colin Hay et Thom Mooney, et est dabord sortie en 1994 dans lalbum de Hay Topanga, puis en 2000 dans lalbum Going Somewhere.

La chanson de Hay est utilise dans la nouvelle pub de Hertz, qui dure 33 secondes. La campagne tl franaise dure du 3 mai au 4 juin. Elle passe sur les chanes suivantes : TF1, M6, Canal+, TMC, NRJ, W9, NT1, MTV, MCM, Virgin et Direct8.

Hertz, le leader mondial de location de vhicules, possde environ 8100 agences dans 147 pays travers le monde. Hertz est la plus grande marque de location de voitures au monde, et la premire agence de location dans les aroports aux Etats-Unis. Hertz possde 69 agences dans les principaux aroports dEurope, et propose ses propres agences ou des franchises en ville et dans les aroports en Amrique du Nord, Europe, Amrique latine, Australie et Nouvelle Zlande. De plus, lentreprise fonctionne aussi sous franchise dans des villes et aoports dAfrique, Asie et Moyen-Orient. Avec des innovations de produits et de services tels que Hertz #1 Club Gold, le systme de navigation NeverLost, la radio satellite SIRIUS, des voitures uniques et des

How To Get A Google Adsense Publisher Id Quickly

Many webmasters new to Google AdSense cant often wait to get accepted into the scheme. But the process for some can be extremely long and difficult. It can also be very disappointing if they eventually get refused into the program. An applicant can be refused into the scheme for a number of reasons but one of the most common reasons is their failure to properly read Google AdSense rules.

Its easy to understand peoples impatience. The need to make money can sometimes be a very strong motivator. However, if youre new to the internet business you probably wont know how to put together a decent site and you will very likely make a number of glaring mistakes that will almost certainly result in your rejection from the scheme.

The best way to get a Google AdSense publish ID is to do so without having to go through the difficult process of actually planning, designing and putting your website together yourself. If possible try and put yourself in a position where you only have to think about preparing the content.

One of the best ways to go about doing this is to get a free blog at You can use a free gmail account to log into the site and create a free personal blog. Blogger is easy to join and the user interface is extremely simple to use (though somewhat rigid). You can add images and video and can even change aspects of the layout if you know a little code. Try and put in a number of good quality posts (at least 10 or more) and then apply for your Google AdSense publisher ID.

Another simple way to apply to get an AdSense account is to write some material for any of the websites that allow you to

Reasons To Adore High Dining With Pub Tables & Chairs

Pub tables and chairs are very much in style currently. Being taller than the usual dinner table, they are typically counter height or taller and make a stylish and special appearance. below are ten reasons why people adore high dining with pub tables and chairs:

1. Pub tables usually have a 30 to 36 inch surface area, making it ideal for a little breakfast nook that would be too much for a normal dining set to handle.

2. Pub tables make it look like there is extra space in the middle of the floor and surface of the table, reducing clutter and opening up the room.

3. Make a private dining area using a smaller, informal pub table. Light several candles and add romance to any meal.

4. Both big and small like to sit on higher chairs. Short people sit higher up for better vision and people with long legs can relax in comfort.

5. The pub table at counter height makes an extra buffet serving area for big holiday eating events; just put the chairs on the side and move the table near the counter.

6. Make more use of your family room by having a pub table with chairs – ideal for board games or card game playing.

7. For a crowd watching a sports event, the pub set is just the place to serve appetizers and munchies, in the family room. They can fill up without missing a moment of the fun.

8. Entertaining on a closed in patio will allow more visitors in a smaller space using a pub table set instead of a big glass covered patio table with lounge furniture. When picking solid surfaces, the set is easy to take care of by wiping off

Whiskey Row Puts Prescott On The Map

Natives of Arizona and travelers alike will no doubt make a stop at the historic Whiskey Row when driving near Prescott. A rebuilt block of saloons, The Row gives visitors a taste of the typical Wild West of 1900. A century ago the entire wood line of buildings was destroyed by fire, but quickly reconstructed with lasting bricks. Today, the street is one of Prescotts greatest attractions, with several additions to the original sights.

Prior to 1900, the block was home to a boastful 40 saloons, complete with brothels. Rumor has it that the original buildings were located a few blocks over, but moved in order to prevent the need for customers to cross a footbridge on the way home. Supposedly it was not uncommon for intoxicated men to stumble into the water and drown; or so the story goes. Prescotts natives and those in surrounding areas frequented the area not only for whiskey, but food, hotels, services, and socializing. The fire that demolished the entire row of buildings only put owners out of business for a few months. Rebuilding began immediately in the new styles of the times, using bricks that ended the problem of burning. Several of the designs have become well-known sights such as the Highland Hotel and The Palace.

A large portion of the stories and history of Prescott are tied to Whiskey Row. With the architecture essentially intact even today, the sight draws visitors each year. They are able to see a unique and realistic picture of the west of 1905. Since the city has the history in place, they have restored and added to the downtown area making it a fun and lively place. They boast music, late night food, and daytime sights and legends. Shops surround the area with authentic antiques and mementos. Between word

Looking For Something Special For The Whiskey Connoisseur In Your Life

Looking for something special for the whiskey aficionado in your life? How about gifting them a bottle of their favourite whiskey? However, if youve already done this the previous year, you should do something different this year. Something that they can remember for years; something that tells them how important they are, for you!

How about a Nice Set of Whisky Glasses?

Connoisseurs would love to receive this gift of yours! You just cant go wrong with this idea. Drinking whisky from the right whisky glass enhances the overall taste experience. But, its so sad to see that champagne, brandy, wine each drink has its own glass; whiskey, on the other hand, seems to be served in anything; therefore, there should be a proper whiskey glass. Glasses which are designed for whiskey lovers! The idea of gifting them a set of whiskey glasses is indeed a great idea!

Whiskey is a drink to be savoured, and its important that it is served in the right glasses. A proper whiskey glass offers the same benefits as a good wine or champagne glass, allowing the spirits bouquet to shine and placing the spirit on the optimal portion of the palate when sipped.

Though drinks can be served in any glass youve in your personal bar or kitchen, the connoisseurs know the difference, a proper glass makes to the drinking experience; so, your gift of a set of whiskey glasses is surely going to be appreciated by them. Just make sure you get the branded ones, so that the receiver can enjoy them for long.

Riedel, F & D and Spiegelau are among the top brands to look for, when shopping for the best-quality whiskey glasses and tumblers. And, if youre short on time, you can buy glasses and tumblers online. With online